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Gerrit User Summit 2023

Volvo Cars at their HQ in Gothenburg (Sweden) on 30 September - 1 October
GerritForge Inc. HQ in Sunnyvale (CA) on 30 September - 1 October

The Gerrit User Summit & Hackathon 2023 will be held in Gothenburg (Sweden) and in Sunnyvale (California, USA) at the same time, to allow most of the community around the globe to attend and share their experience and ideas.

The first part of the event is a 5-days Hackathon reserved for the current Gerrit contributors and maintainers plus anyone that is willing to start contributing to the platform.
It will then follow with a 2-days Users Summit opened to all the members of the community or who is willing to learn and adopt Gerrit Code Review in their development process.

Gerrit User Summit 2022

CodeNode, 10 South Pl, London EC2M 7EB on 10-11 November 2022

After two years of remote meetings and virtual conferences, this year, the Gerrit User Summit is back face-to-face in the heart of the vibrant City of London.

Similarly to what we have experimented in Sunnyvale in 2019, the event will also be broadcasted on a live stream to allow people to join from around the globe.

For the first time in the history of the Gerrit User Summits, we will also have a parallel platform to encourage peer-to-peer interaction during the meeting and beyond.
The Gerrit community has moved to Discord and we will encourage people to continue their discussions, participate remotely and engage with the attendees and speakers in London.

Virtual Gerrit User Summit 2021

2 days of a fully Virtual Gerrit User Summit (for everyone) on GoToWebinar, 2-3 December, organized by the Gerrit Code Review community and GerritForge.

The Gerrit Virtual User Summit 2021 will be held online only, to allow most of the community around the globe to attend and share their experience and ideas, and avoid the problems with the travelling restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The 2-days Users Summit is open to all the members of the community as well as those that are willing to learn and adopt Gerrit Code Review in their development process.

Gerrit User Summit 2019

Volvo HQ, Karossvägen 2, 405 31 Hisingen, Sweden on 29-30 August 2019
The Satellite, 100 S Murphy Ave Suite 200, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA on 16-17 November 2019

5 days of Hackathon (RSVP) + 2 Days Gerrit User Summit (for everyone) in Gothenburg - Sweden, and Sunnyvale - CA, organized by Volvo Cars, the Gerrit Code Review community and GerritForge.

This year the Hackathon has been extended to all the people that have never contributed before but were willing to learn how to extend and use the Gerrit API.

Gerrit User Summit 2017

SkillsMatter - CodeNode, 10 South Place, London EC2M 7BT, United Kingdom on 30th Sep - 3rd Oct 2017

2 Days Hackathon + 2 Days Gerrit User Summit at Skills Matter in London

Attendees from 14 different countries reunited together in one location to exchange experiences and practices that foster the community with new and useful ideas. Gerrit 2.15 has been announced and released, the very first version with full support for NoteDb and with a 90% feature complete PolyGerrit UX.

Gerrit Berlin Hackathon 2016 @Elego

Elego Offices Berlin - Germany on 14th-18th March 2016

Several Gerrit contributors met up at the elego office March 14 through March 18.

They worked on diverse topics. The focus was on converting submit rules from Prolog to Java, storing Git repositories on different paths, tagging of reviews to allow filtering of bot comments, and implementing git-lfs for Gerrit. Additionally, the team fixed a number of bugs.

The event attracted 17 people from various companies, including four Gerrit maintainers.

Gerrit User Summit 2014

GooglePlex -Mountain View - CA on 21st-22nd March 2014

Gathering of Gerrit Code Review users, administrators and developers.
This a user and administrator centric conference. Case studies, deployment success and failure stories, customizations and hacks, plugins and extensions, integrations with other systems ... are all very interesting to learn about and share ideas.

Gerrit Scalability Hackathon 2013

Qualcomm Innovation Center - Boulder - CO on 24th-28th June 2013

Special ad-hoc hackathon focused on improving Gerrit scalability and performance, organised and hosted by Qualcomm Innovation Centre.

Lucene indexing work has been progressed with experimental tests against his 300,000 change database. Bugs fixed in the ChangeIndexer called from REST APIs and ... surprise surprise, Guice request scopes were broken here and needed to be fixed to continue further.

Gerrit European Hackathon 2013

20 Eastbourne Terrace - London on 7th-9th May 2013

GerritForge is proud to have organised and hosted the first European Hackathon on Gerrit Code Review in London (UK). It has been a fantastic opportunity to have the core Gerrit developer Team hacking on Gerrit code side-by-side on some new exciting new features to be released under Apache 2.0 OpenSource community license.

Gerrit contributors and maintainers flew to London from 6 countries around the globe to spend four intense days and evening in improving the Gerrit code-base.

Gerrit User Summit & Hackathon 2012

GooglePlex -Mountain View - CA on 10th-16th November 2012

First event officially named "Gerrit User Summit" after the Git Community decided to split the GitTogether event into a Git Merge event in Berlin organised by GitHub Inc.

Lots of interesting talks and official presentation fo the Gerrit Plugin architecture and the Git reachability Bitmap on JGit that allowed to significantly reduce the clone operations with regards to objects counting.

Gerrit Hackathon 2012

GooglePlex -Mountain View - CA on 7th-11th May 2012

Third official Gerrit Hackathon organised by Google: the main contributors of the initial Gerrit 2.1.x code-base got together to start innovating the platform and extending underlying infrastructure.

This hackathon had been highly productive with over 350 patch-sets submitted in only 5 days!

GitTogether 2011

GooglePlex -Mountain View - CA on 26th-28th Oct 2011

Autumn tradition to host GitTogether, two days of unconference where Git developers, enthusiasts, and users gather at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California to share ideas on future directions of Git and to discuss the tools that support the larger ecosystem. This year was no exception. More than 55 people showed up for GitTogether 2011, and one thing that is notable is that at many of the attendees’ $DAY_JOB, the combination of Git on the desktop with Gerrit Code Review on the server side has become the standard set-up to run development work.

GitTogether 2010

Google, 1500 Plymouth St, Mountain View - CA on 25th-27th Oct 2010

Last week around 30 Git developers and users gathered for GitTogether ‘10 at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA for three days of hacking, sharing ideas, and making plans for the future of Git and its supporting tool ecosystem. This was the third time we’ve hosted a GitTogether, and we were really excited about the turnout this year.

The schedule for the three day conference was determined in “unconference” style, with topics for discussion originally suggested on the wiki and later developed in-person through sticky notes posted on a white board. Attendees also took advantage of the #gittogether IRC channel on freenode and an Etherpad server hosted by the OSUOSL, allowing individuals who couldn’t make it in-person to at least have a virtual presence.

GitTogether 2009

Google, 1098 Alta Ave, Mountain View - CA on 26th-28th Oct 2010

17 members of the OpenSource community got together in Google to share ideas and present innovations around Git. Shawn Pearce presented Gerrit Code Review to the OpenSource Git community (Ver. 2.0 - released on the 26 of January) whilst Scott Chacon presented an innovative Ruby library to use Apache Cassandra as Git storage backend.

GitTogether 2008

GooglePlex - Mountain View - CA on 27th-29th October 2008

First official conference of the Git developers community organised by Shawn Pearce at GooglePlex in Mountain View - CA. Shawn Pearce presented for the first time the slides of the JGit project that will soon become the foundation of Gerrit Code Review for high-performance and scalability Git and Code Review backend. Tom Preston-Werner officially introduced as well a new web-site called GitHub, defined "a social layer over Git".

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