Gerrit Code Review Enterprise Support Packages

Silver Package - Office hours (8x5)

Gold Package - 24h on working days (24x5)

Platinum Package - 24h non-stop 7 days a week, 365 days a year (24x7x365)

Pricing details and conditions

Hosted by you, supported by GerritForge

You can download and install Gerrit Code Review on your internal machines and we will provide you full support for:

  • Runtime problems on your Gerrit test or production environment
  • Troubleshooting replication problems with your Gerrit slaves
  • Help and suggestions on how to get the best of your Gerrit servers
  • Provide fixes on Gerrit, tailored to the version you are running in production

Free shared cloud hosting supported by GerritForge

GerritHub is the FREE shared Cloud hosting environment for Gerrit Code Review. You can sign-up to Private Plan and get your existing private GitHub repositories and teams imported and managed through Gerrit Code Review. If you need extra help you can purchase extra Enterprise Support based on the size of your Team and SLA.

30-days to change your mind

If you are not satisfied with the support you are receiving from us, you can cancel your support contract within the first 30 days and you will not be charged.

Free for OpenSource and non-profit organisations on

A lot of projects already use GerritForge support on for hosting and managing their reviews with no effort and for FREE. If you are willing to use Gerrit for your OpenSource projects or non-profit organisation, you can REGISTER NOW at

100% OpenSource, always

All our software is 100% OpenSource, reviewed and validated by the Community of Gerrit Code Review project. All the patches we develop on top of Gerrit are released on the mainstream master version of the project.

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